About Us

Social Media Marketing. One less thing to worry about.

Social media exploded onto the scene and quickly became the best way to reach new clients and take care of old ones. Along with it came the need for managers to juggle the different media. That's social media marketing, and that's what Media Boys does.

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Why Us?

  • We Know this Stuff.

    Media Boys live on Facebook and in the Twitterverse. We cut our teeth on YouTube and can navigate this stuff with great ease. Don't try this on your own.

  • Hootsuite U Alumni

    Our formal social media management education comes from none other than Hootsuite University's Podium Program. We went all the way.

  • Results (all but) Guaranteed

    If it weren't for lawyers, we'd stand in the town square and shriek "results guaranteed!" Maybe we should just whisper it. You'll get more business.


Our mission? More business for you.

Media Boys exists to help small businesses in smaller towns to create and maintain a social media presence.

Businesses that make social media a part of their marketing and business development mix pay out less for advertising. They create interested followers and can respond faster when word is that something is wrong.

It is our job to guide these businesses to social media success.

Our Vision

  • More Business for all.

    Social media is the new best way for smaller businesses to make money. We want everybody to succeed, and this is how we see doing it.

  • Reduced Dependency.

    Reduce your dependency on expensive print ads. Social media works better, costs less, makes more and doesn't cut down trees.

  • Peace of Mind.

    Peace of mind comes from seeing businesses succeed from social media. Money is being made, and business owners sleep better.

Our Skills

In the world of social media marketing, nothing matters more than formal training and certification. Those certs come from such program as Hootsuite's Podium, or HubSpot, or others. We took the former. That how we know this stuff!

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Our Goal

Social Media for all. Not just the big guys.

Hot new technologies often seem out of reach of smaller businesses. Media Boys becomes your social media department, placing you on a level playing field.

Guided Spending. Not just "Spray 'n' Pray".

Nothing is worse than throwing money and hoping it sticks. With social media, every dollar spent is tracked and results measured. No other medium has that.

Small Business, Small Town, Big Results

We love the fact that even small businesses in small towns can see results right away. Social media isn't just for major city centers! Call today.

Our Staff

Ted Moorhouse provides management strategies and advice
Ted Moorhouse

Business Strategist

Garfield McCormic. Creator of Media Boys
Garfield McCormick

Business Development

Loomis Grimm provides IT and helpdesk support
Lee Futcher

Social Media Manager

Daisy Tungol provides accounting and bookkeeping services through her company Kept Books
Daisy Tungol