What We Do

Young people, sitting together using thier devices and not even looking at each other

What exactly is Facebook and Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing means using the incredible power of social media to market your product or service. Basically, you can advertise on social media, but you must do so tactfully and simple mistakes can cost you the game.

There are different types of social media, each with its own rules of engagement. Get it right, and you get new customers. Social media management means juggling the social media you are using and keeping track of the content you post or share on each. It's complex and you have to go to school for it, but we did and we know this stuff.

Watch the Video

Got 60 SECS? Watch this Short Video

It took us three years to learn all there is to know about social media marketing, but we can show you in a minute or so. Got 60 seconds? Watch our video.

Watch the Video

Our Process

Plan It

Social media marketing is all about planning. Which media matches your target audience? What do we want them to know, and when?

Work It

This is the fun part. Depending on your participation level, we'll write your messages and blogs and such and get them out there for your followers to see.

Track It

It's nice to fling thunderbolts but you have to see where they land. Tracking and reporting are part of each of the three Social Media Marketing Packages.

Our Advantages

Social Media is all good news. It's all about you.

Social media was created to allow people to create and share content. Play it right, and your ads and posts can bring you real business.

Help is here! Full staff means full support.

Social media marketing is very hands on. Good thing we are, too. You are going to have questions. We are going to have answers.

Phone. Email. Chat. We're always here. Always ready.

You can reach us via telephone, email, chat or text. We have staff and we take our calls. Happily, the staff is all here in Canada. No offshore!

This isn't going to cost much, for once.

Isn't that refreshing? Social media itself its free. It's the marketing expertise that costs. Thankfully, that's never a large figure!