What Can You Expect?

Expertise Assured

Media Boys only hires certified social media managers. Managers are required to keep up their knowledge, staying with the changes.

Call Anytime

You'll find us easy to call, and easy to talk to. We take our calls and don't mind chatting. There's nobody here that's more important than our clients.

Plain Language

It has always been important to us to speak to our clients in plain, understandable language. We're both in this together, working toward the same goal.

Canadian Content

Sadly, many have taken to sending social media management offshore to increase their profits. We are proud to boast pure Canadian content.

Thinking About Media Boys?

The least we can do is get it right for you.

No matter what you decide to do, we want you to know that we appreciate you looking into Media Boys. We are big believers that social media is the way to go for smaller businesses that can't throw advertising money around easily. With social media, they reduce costs and expenses and gain more new customers.

We pay our media managers more just to keep the work in Canada, and to attract and hold better talent. Paying out pays off, as you'll see.


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Expect Results!

When we put down our hard-earned cash, we expect results. And why not? We expect that the company that we've placed our trust in is going to deliver near what they say they deliver. We expect that the experts really are experts, and that they are indeed here in Canada. We expect that we'll get what we expect. Fair enough. Here's what we expect to deliver on our promise.

Our Clients

Logo of Cartoonit, our client


tLogo for SuperAd, our clien