Web Design/Redesign

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Get a fresh new website, or make the old one better.

What makes a bad website bad? It's not the look, although nobody really sticks around for a bad-looking website. It's not the performance. People blame their computers for that.

Bad websites don't help. They don't answer questions nor do they provide solutions. Good websites look good, help visitors and provide solutions. A good website attracts and pleases customers. It lets the customer know that they are in the right place, and in the right hands. Anything less and they'll move on. We make good websites. Give us a call.

What's New in New Websites?

Media Boys' websites look better, perform better and do more to convert visitors into prospects. That's a good thing, because websites have quite a job to stand up to. If they don't do what they promise, somebody else's site will.

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Our Process

Plan It

We'll plan your site according to what you want your site to actually do for you. All you need to do is to answer a few questions about your business.

Write It

We'll write your copy and headlines for you (so you can breathe a little easier now). All of our sites are Google-friendly. We know this stuff.

Program It

Expert programmers will program your site and put it up on the web. Your first year of hosting is free. Let's get to work getting you some customers!

Web Gallery

Screen shot from client Cordova Pacific Management's site

Cordova Pacific Management

Just completed. Professional and inviting. . [VIEW SITE]

Screen shot from client West Yale Automotive's site

West Yale Automotive

West Yale Automotive features an attention-grabbing video. Fully responsive design. [VIEW SITE]

Screen shot from client Ralph's Automotive site

Ralph Van Woerden Automotive

A local garage with a lot to offer. This site also features a video. [VIEW SITE]

Screen shot from client Kept Books site

Kept Books Bookkeeping

From 2012, still fresh, exciting and new. This site is not responsive. [VIEW SITE]

Screen shot from client The Computer Guy's site

The Computer Guy

Fresh, clean and inviting. This is a responsive design. [VIEW SITE]

Screen shot from client Sardis Plumbing's site

Sardis Plumbing and Heating

Part of three theme-matched site in the Sardis Group. A fully responsive site. [VIEW SITE]

Better Websites

Better websites deliver better results. Fact.

Better websites deliver better results. That's not going to change, so let's change your site to go along with it. You'll be glad you did.

Websites are about people. Not robots.

If a website talks 'at' a customer, it isn't talking 'to' them. Nobody wants to read a website that was really written to please a search engine.

Wide open communications. Call us anytime.

You can watch your site being built and are free to communicate ideas, requests and questions. Just call us. We answer our own phones.

Surprisingly decent prices. Not low. Just fair.

We don't do "Low, Low Prices!". Instead, we do great quality, fantastic-looking sites at a surpringly fair and decent price.