Video: The Ultimate Sales Tool

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Video sells. It also gets shared, liked, passed around and talked about. 60 secs, $1495

There are two types of video: Footage and Animated Whitebooard Explainer. Media Boys makes both and recommends that you have at least one of each.

Video sells. It can explain a whole lot more than a website can and gives people something to watch while they absorb your message. Videos posted to YouTube put you are the top of Google rankings, giving you an edge that your local competitors just don't have.

Video isn't just a cool option anymore. It's a powerful tool in your marketing war chest. Look at the samples and give us a call.

Which Video?

Media Boys produces two types of videos: Footage, and Explainer. Footage videos are live videos with real people and a professional voice-over. Explainer videos are animated, fast-paced and much loved by viewers.

Sample Videos
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Cool Features


Our videos are professionally produced using commercial equipment and software and professionally voiced. Nothing amateur here.



Video is well-loved and more people pay more attention to video than just plain words. Video on a website gets attention, and that gets you customers.



Website videos also appear on Facebook, YouTube and in other social media. Videos gets shared, which means more eyes on you and your message.


Better Videos

Professionally shot, edited and voiced.

Media Boys' videos are professionally shot (or animated) and edited using commercial-grade software, using professional voices.

Award-winning explainer videos. We hate to brag, but...

One of our explainer videos won our client the Association of Directory Publisher's "Directory Publisher of the Year". We were so proud.

Google favors video over the printed word.

Google owns YouTube and will feature your video before they show your website to searchers. This is the major reason you should have a video.

Really decent prices, considering the quality.

Considering the quality of our videos, and what they can do for you, it's kind of hard to pass up the offer. Shop around a bit. You'll see what we mean.