SEO (The Art of Getting Found)

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Find the needle hiding in this haystack. Your business depends on it.
$249, Most Sites.

"Finding a needle in a haystack" is a well-worn cliche, but that exactly what clients are doing when they are trying to find you and can't.

Social media marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) go hand-in-hand. Simply painting the needle red isn't going to do it. Your site needs to be found easily by Google. Your clients just won't work that hard to find you.

Media Boys employs staff SEO experts (real ones) that can get you found, seen and clicked on!

What You Get

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means just that: Optimizing your site to make it easy for search engines (Google) to find you, understand what you do, then pair you up with the next search. The better the optimization, the better the "ranking".

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This is how we do it...(baby)

Go On the Hunt

We use all sorts of site-checking tools to find and expose hidden problems that try to trip Google up when it comes looking. Then we make our list.

Clean up this Town

Problems are squashed and the code that makes up your site is cleaned up. NOW your site is ready to be found and ranked by Google.

Alert the Media

Your cleaned up, Google optimized site is submitted to Google and others to make sure that you start getting the rankings you deserve.

How does your site stack up? Measure it here.

Use this handy tool to check your site, and see how you stack up. We'll give your site a good looking over (no charge) and a basic report (also no charge.) Then we'll fix it for you (we charge for that).

Site Check

Why Media Boys?

You can't afford to not afford this. Not this time.

SEO lives at the "Extreme Importance" level of website ownership. If they can't find you, they can't buy from you. It's a simple, harsh truth.

We've got SEO experts here. For real ones.

Whisper the words "search engine optimization" and suddenly, everybody's an expert. Our experts are certified and experienced.

Wide open communication. No "hidden" stuff.

We don't mind sharing our expertise and we'll always keep the lines open with you. After all, it's your money we're spending. Isn't that refreshing?

Expect results. Lots of them. Don't be shy.

SEO can return some really meaningful results and we don't want to you to be shy about asking for them.