Landing Pages

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Landing pages land clients. $10 per page, per month. Included in the Dominator package.

Landing pages are web pages that resemble your main website (colors, logo, etc) and are only seen when a prospective client clicks on a Google ad or on a link from any of the other platform you are advertising on.

Landing pages are often misunderstood by well-wishing web designers, but in a nutshell, a landing page is used to turn your visitors into clients by focusing the visitor on the product or service that attracted them in the first place, then giving them a way to buy or request information on that very thing. Our landing pages are created exclusively for us by Land On Me.

What's On the Page?

Landing pages follow some strict rules for guiding prospects toward a purchase. As a rule, you never, never run a campaign without a landing page and you never, never drop a prospective client off in the middle of your website.

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Land On Us!

$10 per page, per month

$10 per page, per month. Each campaign uses a page, so one for Google, one for Facebook and so on. Included in the Dominator package. Monthly reporting.

A/B Testing (Huh?)

We always run two landing pages at the same time (A/B) so we can tell, from day to day, which works best. Then we hammer on that one. Results.

Results or Else!

Landing pages land clients. That's a fact. Media Boys is fanatic about results, and this is one of the ways we get 'em. Now you know. Secret's out.

Want to see a real landing page?

Use the link below to see a real landing page. We've added comments to the page to give you a peek under the hood so to speak.

Go See One

We're Just...Better

The price is sure right ($10 per page, per month!)

When something is being offered at a price lower than it should be, without sacrificing quality, it's a good deal. Landing pages are a good deal.

People want to buy. We'll make that happen.

Landing pages are designed (very specifically) to do one thing: Turn prospective clients into buyers. Don't stop a buyer from buying.

Talk to your new customers, not at them.

People know when they are being treated right, and making it easy for them to buy from you is just the start. That's what landing pages do.

Results. Sales. Happiness. All those good things.

Landing pages are single-minded tools and have only one real purpose. They do what they do best, and so do we.