Google AdWords

Google AdWords put you at the top of each search

There are thousands of searches made in your town every day.
How many found you?

Smaller businesses that struggle (and pay) to achieve better Google rankings can guarantee themselves a top spot in their towns by whipping out their chequebooks and paying their way to the top. The cost? Less than they might think.

Google AdWords is a Google product that allows a business to choose strategic "keywords" to help match searchers with them. Google assigns a dollar value to each match. The money is drawn from a piggy-bank account. Simple, effective and safe. Call for pricing.

What You Get

Surprisingly small business-friendly, Google AdWords can generate a tremendous amount of response within moments of being set up. Our keyword experts are friendly, patient and easy to talk to.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Keywords

We'll pick the keywords that people use to search for a business like yours. Don't try this on your own (or even pay to have it done. )

2. Budget

Set a monthly budget that you are comfortable with. Google will only charge your account when a real prospect clicks on your ad. It's a foolproof system.

3. Results

Google AdWords get results, and so will you. You are also guaranteed to be seen right at the top of every local search. Isn't that what everybody wants?

Get a free Keyword Check-up today

  1. Media Boys is happy to take a look at your site's keywords to see how they measure up. Weak keywords won't give Google a chance to rank you properly. Send us your site address and a way to contact you and we'll have a look-see.
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Google AdWords

Only the most serious buyers see you.

With Google AdWords, only serious buyers see you. That's because they are looking for something that you offer or do. Same for all searches.

Only the most serious buyers click on you.

Buyers see your ad first. If it's got what they're looking for, they'll click on it. Nobody ever clicks on something they don't want.

Looking is free. Clicking is not. Your money is safe.

It's free for buyers to see your ad up there. You only pay when somebody follows the link. You are safe from fraudulent and repeat clicks.

How much are we talking about?

Google AdWords are priced on a per-click basis. Google sets that bar and will suggest a budget. We'd start by saying maybe $1000.